Special Issue: Metahuman Futures (Vol. 3, Issue: 2) is out!


The Metahuman Futures Special Issue, edited by Jaime del Val and Cagdas Dedeoglu, is out. This special issue is dedicated to the 1st Metahuman Futures Forum held in Lesvos on 1-2 October 2022, as part of the Bodynet-Khorós project co-funded by the European Union[1] and contains part of the theoretical research of the project. The issue comprises a collection of seven papers, a book review, and the Metahuman Futures Manifesto, all of which contribute to the understanding of metahumanism and its relationship with posthumanism and transhumanism in the age of planetary holocaust.

- Introduction: Metahuman Futures Forum and Ontological Therapies by Jaime del Val & Çağdaş Dedeoğlu

- Metahuman Studies, Choral Ontopolitics and Earth Liberation by Jaime del Val

- Metahuman Futures Manifesto by MFF 2022 Lesvos Assembly-Chorus

- Misunderstandings around Posthumanism. Lost in Translation? Metahumanism and Jaime del Val’s Metahuman Futures Manifesto by Evi Sampanikou

- Beyond Anti-natalism and Hannah Arendt’s Metaphysics of Natality: Towards a Metahuman vita contemplativa by Philipp Wolf

- Animals: Who Gave You the Right to Experiment with My Body? by Ioanna - Maria Stamati

- Mutation in Human Nature. The Doll as a Posthuman Being and the Formless Metahuman as ‘Other’ by Nikolitsa Gourgouli

- Metabody in Posthuman Architecture: Virtualizing Spatial Dynamics for Transformative Spaces by İpek Kuran

- Reflections on Trash-humanism as Performed by Jaime del Val by Yunus Tuncel

- Alonso, A., & Arzoz, I. (2021). El desencanto del Progreso. Para una crítica luddita de la tecnología by Vitoria Mateos de Manuel

You can access our issue here