Mutation in Human Nature. The Doll as a Posthuman Being and the Formless Metahuman as ‘Other’


  • Nikolitsa Gourgouli University of the Aegean



Doll, Figure, Human, Posthuman, Metahuman


Humans live and survive in an environment, that they constantly destroy. The human being incapable of seeing beyond its own limits, while the obsession with beauty standards and ideals, the aesthetics of the masses, and immortality, deluges its everyday life, and defines the inside and outside appearance. The human changes its nature while intervening in others' nature, ignoring the consequences upon its body, and creating a new being (or several), a new formula/model, which is increasingly alienated from the human and the human genome. The concept of the doll which I introduce in the article, aims to discuss the challenges between the human figure and the “other”—which has many different interpretations- while using a term with historical and artistic value (the doll) that bridges the gaps between species, entities, humans, and animals etc. and leads the way to a new form of entity, infused with life and technology.


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Gourgouli, N. “Mutation in Human Nature. The Doll As a Posthuman Being and the Formless Metahuman As ‘Other’”. Journal of Posthumanism, vol. 3, no. 2, June 2023, pp. 163-80, doi:10.33182/joph.v3i2.2952.



Dossier: Metahuman Futures