Call for Papers

Call for Special Issue Proposals


The Journal of Posthumanism welcomes proposals for a special issue on a theme related to posthuman international relations and security (broadly defined).

Special Issues would normally be between 40,000 and 50,000 words, the equivalent of approximately 8 articles of 5000-6000 words, excluding the footnotes and references. We would be amenable to fewer or more articles if remaining within the overall word length, as well as Dossiers that include commentaries and roundtable discussions.

The guest editor/s must ensure that all contributions adhere to the style of the journal ( and commit to appropriate peer review of all contributions. This may be coordinated by the guest editor/s or through the journal’s normal (double-blind) peer review system.

The guest editor/s must also ensure that final iterations of all contributions are submitted to the journal no later than May 5, 2023.

Please note that acceptance of a proposal does not guarantee publication of the Special Issue, either in whole or in part.

The special issue proposal should be submitted as a word document to co-editor Dr. Çağdaş Dedeoğlu at by April 15, 2022. A decision will be made within 2 weeks by members of the editorial board, and proposal guest editor/s will be notified by April 29.    

Proposal Requirements

Prospective guest editor/s must provide a detailed proposal that includes:

  • List of all proposed article titles and authors, along with their institutional affiliation/s,
  • 200-300 word abstract of each proposed article,
  • Overview outlining the purpose of the special issue, its rationale, and the anticipated contribution to existing literature/debate (up to 1000 words),
  • Short CV of guest editor/s (no more than 3 pages each).