Animals: Who Gave You the Right to Experiment with My Body?




Animals, Chimera, Posthuman, Organ Farming Phenomenon, Life


The Science Fiction genre has been a means for humans to comprehend reality. A major part of the fantasies in the genre is cross-species beings of human and animal DNA. Recent studies show that in some countries the legislative framework accepts research and experimentation with guinea pigs to create cross-species beings with transhumanistic purposes. According to Bokota the umbrella term to refer to the results of the above phenomenon is Chimeras. The results of this technological process are unquestionably impressive but, who has gotten permission from these animals to use their bodies and take their genetic material for the possibility of humans to survive a bit longer than expected? This study focuses on the definition of the human, the monster, and their bodies, on bio-ethical issues that highlight the fragile equality of beings and answers to the question of whether Chimeras can be an alternative term to refer to Posthumans.


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Stamati, I. .-. M. “Animals: Who Gave You the Right to Experiment With My Body?”. Journal of Posthumanism, vol. 3, no. 2, June 2023, pp. 151-62, doi:10.33182/joph.v3i2.2924.



Dossier: Metahuman Futures