An Interview with Hans Winkler


  • Yunus Tuncel Transnational Press London



Interview, Hans Winkler, Nietzsche, Agonist


It seems that Nietzsche was a brilliant thinker and a person characterized by perceptions. He wrote and acted very unconventionally. He often moved between the trivial and the beautiful—the foolish and the good behavior, fiction and reality, lies and truth, kitsch and avant-garde” (Buddensieg). He embraces tombstones in Genoa, or in Turin, a horse. I discovered him as a conceptual artist before conceptual art was born. In my opinion, his thoughts, comments and questions about society are still timely and up to date. For example, his article on nationality: “thanks to the morbid estrangement, which has put the nationality madness among the people of Europe and still exists, owing also to the short-sighted and hasty-handed politicians, who with the help of this craze, are at present in power...”


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Tuncel, Y. . (2023). An Interview with Hans Winkler. The Agonist, 13(1-2), 166–173.