Editorial: Transnational Business in an Era of Uncertainty


  • Ibrahim Sirkeci International Business School, Manchester




Editorial, transnational business, transnational management, uncertainty


In the dynamic landscape of global business, where boundaries are blurred, markets are interconnected, and technology accelerates the pace of change, uncertainty has become a pervasive force shaping the decisions and strategies of transnational enterprises. We would like to see the forthcoming issues of the Transnational Business and Management Journal delve into the multifaceted realm of uncertainties in global markets, with a particular emphasis on the challenges posed by evolving market dynamics. In this issue, our contributors provide scholarship and case studies on different aspects relevant to transnational business and management practices. The first article titled “Understanding the Role of Social Media in Cryptocurrency Investment” by Nattapong Robkob. The second paper titled “Inclusive Entrepreneurial Intention Among Women Ex-Prisoners in Tunisia” by Bardaa Mohamed Amin. “Evaluating Consumer Behavior Towards Sustainable Luxury Real Estate Investment” is the third article coauthored by Nikhil Sharma and Susan Nwadinachi Akinwalere. The last paper in this issue is a case study titled “Online Luxury Consumer’s Brands Loyalty Among Bangladeshi Women in East London” by Ananya Rahman. 

Author Biography

Ibrahim Sirkeci, International Business School, Manchester

Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci is the Director of International Business School, Manchester, UK.




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Sirkeci, I. (2023). Editorial: Transnational Business in an Era of Uncertainty. Transnational Business and Management, 1(2), 67–68. https://doi.org/10.33182/tbm.v1i2.3217




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