Call for Papers: From Globalization to Geopolitics: The New World Order of Our Times


Istanbul Policy Review invites papers for a special issue titled "From Globalization to Geopolitics: The New World Order of Our Times". The inaugural issue of the Journal aims to cover scholarly debates and research on the contemporary challenges of our times.

Globalization as primarily an economic process is regarded as an important phenomenon of our time. During globalization, the people and the markets are getting ever closer. The development of media and modern technology made it possible for people to be informed about the events and developments in all parts of the world. Globalization also brings new tasks and new challenges to the agenda of governments, NGOs, markets and businesses. The world faces the opportunities and dangers of globalization. In this sense, the process of widening and deepening globalization brings new geopolitical constraints.

The world has witnessed several complications in the contemporary process as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine as well as rising energy and food prices, bringing new geopolitical dimensions in international relations. In this context, new geopolitical considerations are required that would question the “one world” and “global village” aspects of globalization. The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the states to have new measures. The war in Eastern Europe affects regionalism attempts as the EU and NATO’s power struggle rises against Russia’s threat. These new regulations and the war in Eastern Europe motivate the researchers to see the new geopolitical dynamics of our time.    

Istanbul Policy Review with this special issue on Globalization and Geopolitics aims to reveal these new geopolitical dynamics of our time.

We invite contributions particularly focusing on the following topics, however, it is not an exhaustive list:

  • Food Security
  • Climate change
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy Geopolitics
  • Post-colonial Studies
  • Global Political Economy
  • Regional Security
  • Ecologism and Green Policies
  • Gender Policies
  • New Development Perspectives
  • Political Theory
  • The Crisis of Democracy
  • Nationalism and the nation-state
  • Religion and Religious Ideologies
  • Middle East Politics
  • Regionalism and Globalization
  • NATO in the New Geopolitical Realities
  • Geopolitics of the EU
  • Global Security

Deadline for full paper submissions: 1 December 2022

Publication date: January 2023

For queries, please get in touch with the editors.

Editor: Dr Zeynep Banu Dalaman, Istanbul Topkapi University, Turkey