Editorial: Marketing and Consumers in an Era of Disruption Caused by Covid-19 Pandemic





marketing, COVID-19, Coronavirus, brand loyalty


Six months ago, nobody would have thought of a disruption in such a scale. COVID-19 pandemic starting in China spreading across the grids of global human mobility (Sirkeci and Yucesahin, 2020) sent shock waves around the world and quickly brought life to a halt in many countries. Not only the anxiety and fear of a deadly virus spreading around but also the measures taken against it perhaps changed our lives as consumers, marketers, and researchers. The new norm is in progress as the old is troubled. In this issue of the Journal, we have articles dealing with a range of case studies from airline industry to tourism and mobile phone services. We have also included a call for papers for a special issue on coronavirus pandemic and its impact on marketing, markets and consumers. 


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