Customer Relationship Management: A Review and Classification


  • Mosa Alokla Community College of Qatar
  • Mais Alkhateeb Community College of Qatar
  • Muneer Abbad Community College of Qatar
  • Faten Jaber Regent's University London



This research identifies the effective components that influence the evolution of the concepts of customer relationship management (CRM) research strategies and to present the academic literature review and classifications of CRM. It provides an overview of CRM research and identifies the gaps in the previous CRM literature review. To achieve this, our research is based on the period from 2006 to 2010. Data is collected from 618 research papers on CRM for the 2006-2010 period as sourced from top online databases. The data are then analysed by capturing the keywords of articles to determine the different perspectives to the study of CRM. The components of CRM are then classified. The emerging schema is then used to review the literature. The results show the current state of the art in that period (2006-2010) for CRM research, the comprehension of CRM components, their categories and techniques.

Author Biographies

Mosa Alokla, Community College of Qatar

Director of Instructional Technology and Learning Center (ITLC)

Mais Alkhateeb, Community College of Qatar

Math Department

Muneer Abbad, Community College of Qatar

Associate Prodessor, Logistics and supply chain management cooedinator.

Faten Jaber, Regent's University London

Lecturer in Marketing


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