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  • Ibrahim Sirkeci Regent's Centre for Transnational Studies, Faculty of Business and Management, Regent's University London



marketing, basic marketing instruments, executives


Bickhoff, N., Hollensen, S., & Opresnik, M. (2014). The Quintessence of Marketing: What You Really Need to Know to Manage Your Marketing Activities. Springer.

Bickhoff, Hollensen and Opresnik have posed the critical question again: What do marketers really need to know? The Quintessence of Marketing criticises the common view of marketing which places so much emphasis on sales and advertising whilst there is a wide array of activities that make marketing happen.

The book is designed more or less like a handbook for the professional marketer. At the opening, the value of many management books are questioned in terms of volume and length. Thus this relatively short book on key issues and chal-lenges managers face in marketing is the answer according to the series editor.



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