Revenue management during the COVIDization of the economy




COVIDization, revenue management, business strategies


The purpose of this article is to prove the need to perceive revenues as a manageable variable by applying an active approach to companies’ management during the COVIDization of the economy. In this regard, the article illustrates the role of revenues as a factor and as a result. Revenues underlie the formation of all major financial indicators. They are key measures of a company’s growth and performance. This dual nature of revenues is revealed in the context of economics, accounting and financial management. Their importance determines the need to adopt an active approach to revenue management of the economy during COVID-19 pandemic or other similar future occurrences. From a theoretical point of view, the active approach has been justified in the context of the classical strategic management methods emphasising the leading role of marketing. The main research hypothesis tested is that in the conditions of a sharp change in the economy during COVIDization, the importance of the active approach of operating revenue management as the main variable (KPI), cannot be understated.



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Radev, R. and Yankova, V. . (2022) “Revenue management during the COVIDization of the economy”, Transnational Marketing Journal. London, UK, 10(1), pp. 119–138. doi: 10.33182/tmj.v10i1.2090.