The shifting trend in online buyer's behaviour under the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam


  • Ha Thu Nguyen VNU-University of Economics and Business
  • Thuy Dam Luong Hoang VNU - University of Economics and Business
  • Huy Khanh Nguyen VNU-University of Economics and Business



Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB), online shopping behaviour, online shopping site, the Covid-19 pandemic


COVID-19 temporarily hindered the development of physical stores, nevertheless, triggered the outbreak of online business. Consequently, there should be growing demands for purchasing over internet-based platform. In order to investigate online purchase intention and online shopping behaviour, this study developed a research framework basing on the analysis of 05 different variables, namely: subjective norm, attitude, behavioural control, trust, and perceived risk. A sample of 307 Vietnamese online customers have been surveyed, resulting to the findings that behavioural control and trust have direct influence on online purchase intention, then indirectly generates online shopping behaviour. Especially, trust is considered to have the greatest effects, followed by behavioural control. From the results, implications can be established about marketing implementation in online shopping service. In other words, marketing campaigns for COVID-19 context is aimed at highly productive purposes in order to coping with epidemic time.



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Nguyen, H. T., Hoang, T. D. L. and Nguyen, H. K. (2022) “The shifting trend in online buyer’s behaviour under the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam”, Transnational Marketing Journal. London, UK, 10(1), pp. 71–86. doi: 10.33182/tmj.v10i1.1676.