Branding Process and a Model Proposal for “Şile Gauze”




Sile gauze, brand, branding process, positioning, cultural marketing


Brand and the branding process have been regarded as a component of cultural studies even though they are more generally seen as being a subfield of business economics. Today, it is true to say that countries, cities, destinations, as well as many prominent cultural items can become brands. Thus, the primary aim of this study is to form a model proposal for how “Şile gauze”, a local authentic product, can be branded to become competitive. Strategies regarding brand, the process of brand and brand positioning are adapted to Şile gauze and conceptual research about these components are elaborated with the aim of implementing Şile gauze branding. Focus groups were carried out with participants comprising students from marketing and fashion design departments, with a framework for the branding process of Şile gauze subsequently designed in light of the findings from the focus groups. These findings revealed that the target market of Şile gauze is women and men who are in mid-high and high-income groups, who have adopted a health and comfort oriented lifestyle. Additionally, the targeting strategy for Şile gauze preferred by both focus groups was a niche targeting one with a unique positioning in the market.




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Oztek, M. Y. and Karabiyik Yerden, N. (2021) “Branding Process and a Model Proposal for ‘Şile Gauze’ ”, Transnational Marketing Journal. London, UK, 9(2), pp. 481–493. doi: 10.33182/tmj.v9i2.1132.