Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Organic Food – A Case of UAE


  • Mohamed Bilal Basha Higher College of Technology
  • Abdul Ghafar Higher College of Technology
  • Fazli Wahid Higher College of Technology
  • Gail Alhafid Higher College of Technology
  • Eman Al Shaer Higher Colleges of Technology
  • Mohd Farid Shamsudin University of Kuala Lumpur



Organic food, Consumer buying behaviour, purchase Intention, Attitud


The objective of this study is to understand UAE consumer behavior towards organic food. Six determinants were chosen to investigate the factors that were identified as potential influencers. These determinants were identified from the current research published on organic food buying behavior patterns. The chosen independent determinants are identified as: health and lifestyle, environmental concern, safety and trust, convenience and price, subjective norms and attitude. Purchase intention was identified as a dependent variable to test. Six hypotheses were formed based on determinants to test their influences on purchase intention. A random sampling of 423 participants was used in collecting the data. Multiple regression analysis tests were used to understand the significant influence of these six variables. The result of the analysis indicated that all six variables have a positive contribution towards consumer purchase intention of organic food. The implications for stakeholders and policy makers point to a need to upgrade the accessibility of organic food to a wider population such that the supply chain for organic foods and organic products extends beyond the big supermarkets to the smaller grocery stores and corner shops.



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Basha, M. B., Ghafar, A. ., Wahid, F. ., Alhafid, G. ., Al Shaer, E. . and Shamsudin, . M. F. . (2021) “Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Organic Food – A Case of UAE”, Transnational Marketing Journal. London, UK, 9(1), pp. 151–166. doi: 10.33182/tmj.v9i1.1028.