Impact of development aid on remittances sent from donor-countries


  • Sena Kimm Gnangnon World Trade Organization



This article examines the impact of the aggregate development aid supplied by donors at the aggregate level of remittances sent from donor-countries. The empirical analysis focuses on 22 donor-countries over the period 2000-2015. It uses instrumental variables approaches and provide evidence that donors' overall aid supply could be substitute or complementary with remittances paid flows, depending on the level of remittances sent from donor-countries, as well as on the share of migrants' stock on the total population of the host-country.

Author Biography

Sena Kimm Gnangnon, World Trade Organization

Sena Kimm Gnangnon is based at World Trade Organization, 154, Rue de Lausanne, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland.


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