Migrant Youth and Politics: A workshop


  • Cintia Cintia Silva Huxter Loughborough University




working with children, young people, identity, diaspora


On 9-10th September 2019 academics from universities around the UK met at Loughborough University to discuss working with children and young people, particularly those with a migrant/diasporic background. The workshop stemmed from the authors’ research project on youth identity and politics in diaspora (www.youth-diaspora-politics.org) which has shown that young people in diaspora are, on the whole, politicised. All participants work/have worked with children and young people on themes of identity and politics and presented their work at the workshop. One of our main conclusions is that, despite the challenges, a stronger research focus is needed on young migrants and those in diaspora; their opinions, identities and experiences are important in their own right. After a short overview of each presentation, in the last section we consider some methodological and ethical challenges we all shared and discussed, as well as some issues that need to be considered in the future.



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Huxter, C. C. S. . (2020). Migrant Youth and Politics: A workshop. Migration Letters, 17(5), 747-752. https://doi.org/10.33182/ml.v17i5.922




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