Editorial: Survival Strategies of Irregular Immigrants


  • Martina Cvajner Università di Trento
  • Giuseppe Sciortino Università di Trento




Undocumented migration, migration policies, irregular migrants


While there are numerous research efforts, supported by substantial budgets, to study the process of irregular border crossing, there is very little sustained research on how irregular migrants live for remarkable spells of time in social contexts where they lack any certified public identity. This leads to a paradoxical situation. We know that sizeable irregular migration flows cross the borders of all developed countries (as well as some developing ones). But we know very little of how, once entered, these migrants becomes immigrants, how they achieve the minimal goals of making an income, finding a place to sleep, avoiding being caught by the police and, not infrequently, attaining some degree of security and self-respect.

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Cvajner, M., & Sciortino, G. (1). Editorial: Survival Strategies of Irregular Immigrants. Migration Letters, 8(1), 1-6. https://doi.org/10.33182/ml.v8i1.148