Journal of Posthumanism 2023 Call for Editors


We are seeking new members to join our core Editorial Team. Below are details for various roles.

Assistant Editors (2) 

We are looking for two assistant editors (with PhDs) who can collaborate with us on editorial tasks. Being a native of a language other than English is an asset. Responsibilities of the Assistant Editor include:

  • Initial submission assessment and selection of suitable reviewers (based on their areas of expertise),
  • Using the journal’s online platform to manage content,
  • Attending key editorial staff meetings if needed.

Book Review Editor (2)

We are looking for two book review editors to support the book review process. Responsibilities of the Book Review Editor include:

  • Reviewing and evaluating book review submissions,
  • Using the journal’s online platform to manage content,
  • Identifying relevant books in multiple disciplines.

Copyeditors (2)

We are also looking for two team members who can function as copyeditors. Responsibilities of the Copyeditor include:

  • Assisting with the copyediting of accepted manuscripts,
  • Using the journal’s online platform to manage content.

Digital Content Editor (1)

Lastly, we are looking for a digital content editor who can help us get our voices heard. Responsibilities of the Digital Content Editor include:

  • Managing our webpage and social media accounts.

Please send an email to with a short CV. Please also indicate how many hours you could invest monthly, as these roles are voluntary and unpaid. 

The evaluations will begin on March 20, 2023. Applications will be considered until all roles are filled.