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CASE STUDY The new territorial orientation of a transnational company: Italian pasta

Silvia Dessì, Federica Caboni, Ernestina Giudici


Taking the new consumer requirements for products linked to regional identity and cultural heritage into consideration, today’s transnational companies have modified their strategies. By using a regional or geographic indication, it is possible to exploit existing associations that consumers have with a region or particular place and provide products that have a specific image. The purpose of this case study is to illustrate this new orientation of transnational companies’ towards a rediscovery and evaluation of terroir. To pursue this goal we chose to use the case study methodology, based on the analysis of the Italian food company Barilla. The study underlines the decision of this transnational company to offer a line of products closely linked to their geographical origin. Furthermore, it analyses how this territorial links are able to communicate and transmit cultural and traditional roots. 


transnational companies; food products; territorialisation

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