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CASE STUDY Utilizing the VFBOP model for entry into emerging markets: Grameen Danone Foods

Robert L. Williams, Jr., Maktoba Omar


Emerging markets are extremely diverse and can require separate market entry and market development strategies. This paper will look at these opportunities through the lens of Value Flame at the Base of the Pyramid - VFBOP (Williams, et al., 2011). These concepts will be used to explore the potential of shifting paradigms in regard to emerging markets and to identify a leap in value for both consumers and producers. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate that transnational corporations should stop viewing profit potential from emerging markets coming solely from the traditional strategy of sourcing lower cost / higher quality products from these areas, but also increasing revenue and global market share by designing and selling offerings in collaboration with the market.


Emerging markets; value flame at the base of the pyramid; transnational marketing; blue ocean strategy; bottom of the pyramid; market entry strategy

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