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Effect of colour and relative product size (RPS) on consumer attitudes

Varsha Jain, Subhadip Roy, Advita Pant


Colour and visuals are used extensively by the advertisers of different product categories to attract consumer attention and create favourable attitude. Based on this premise, the present study aimed to explore the effect of colour and relative product size on the consumer attitudes incorporating the moderating role of product familiarity. An experimental design was used, with a sample size of 420 respondents of 18-25 years in a 3 (Product Size: Large/Med/Small) X 2 (Ad Colour: CL/BW) X 2 (Gender: Male/Female) full factorial design. The dependent variables were attitude towards the advertisement, attitude towards the brand and purchase intention with product familiarity as the moderating variable. Colour scheme of the ad was not found to have any effect on the consumers’ attitude, while medium size of the product relative to the ad size was found to be the most preferred option. Product familiarity was found to have significant moderating impact. Females were more influenced by the colour and picture size as compared with males. Implications for practitioners in designing ad content and layout are discussed. 


Colour and product size; advertisements; consumer attitudes; product familiarity; India

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