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Jeffrey H. Cohen


This issue of Remittance Review includes four articles that, taken as a whole, reveal the dynamic and sometimes unanticipated role migrant remittances can play for household, community and national development over time.  Too often, remittances are defined in unambiguous, economic terms that are focused on one point in time.  What movers return to their sending households is earmarked and invested in home life and to meet daily expenses.  Following upon this assumption; the use of remittances over time and to different ends—for example to grow or start a business or to drive entrepreneurial activity—is not well understood.


remittances; security; migration

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Sirkeci, I., J.H. Cohen and D. Ratha. 2012. Global Remittance Practices and Migration during the Economic Crisis and Beyond. Washington, D.C. World Bank.


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