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Mzayek, May, University of Texas at San Antonio


Nadeau, Kathleen, California State University, San Bernardino
Naudé, Wim, World Institute for Development Economics Research, United Nations University, Helsinki
Naufal, George, School of Business and Management, The American University of Sharjah
Nell, Liza M., Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies - IMES, University of Amsterdam
Nguyen, Huyen Thuong, Kyoto University
Nicaise, Ides, Research Institute for Work and Society - University of Leuven (HIVA - KU Leuven)
Niedomysl, Thomas, Department of Human and Economic Geography and the Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy, Lund University
Nielsen, Aileen, University of Chicago
Nienaber, Birte, Associate Professor at Political Geography, Department of Geography and Spatial Planning University of Luxembourg
Nienaber, Birte, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Nijhoff, Karijn G., The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Norlander, Peter, Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business
Norlund, Chris, University of Pennsylvania
Norman, Paul, School of Geography, University of Leeds
Nowicka, Magdalena, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Nzima, Divane, Department of Sociology & Anthropology University of Fort Hare


O'Leary, Anna Ochoa, Mexican American Studies and Research Center, University of Arizona, Tucson
O'Leary, Anna Ochoa, Mexican American Studies Research Center at the University of Arizona, Tucson
Obinna, Denise, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Mount St. Mary’s University
Oishi, Nana, Associate Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sophia University, 7-1 Kioi-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8554
Omata, Naohiko, Refugee Studies Centre, Department of International Development, University of Oxford
Ousey, Graham C., Department of Sociology, College of William and Mary


Paerregaard, Karsten
Pagès-El Karoui, Delphine, at INALCO (French Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilisations), Paris
Pajnik, Mojca, Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies and Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
Paksuniemi, Merja, University of Lapland, Finland. Institute of Migration, Finland
Pande, Amba, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Papadopoulos, Apostolos, Department of Geography, Harokopio University, Athens
Papadopoulos, Apostolos G., Department of Geography, Harokopio University of Athens
Paraskevopoulou, Anna Paraskevopoulou, Anglia Ruskin University
Parent, Nicolas, Observatory for Human Rights and Forced Migrants in Turkey (OHRFMT)
Parthoens, Christophe
Parusel, Bernd, Swedish Migration Board / European Migration Network
Patsiurko, Natalka, University of Aberdeen
Pavlova, Irina, Western Norway University of Applied Science
Pötzschke, Steffen, GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences
Přívara, Andrej, Faculty of National Economy, University of Economics in Bratislava
Pederzini, Carla, Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City
Pehkonen, Aini, Institute of Migration, Turku
Peixoto, João, SOCIUS, Institute of Economics and Business Administration (ISEG), Technical University of Lisbon
Pena, Anita Alves, Department of Economics, Colorado State University, 1771 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1771
Peppler, Lisa
Peters, Amos C, University of Cape Town
Petracou, Elektra, Department of Geography, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Lesvos
Petreski, Blagica, Association for economic research, advocacy and policymaking "Finance Think" Skopje
Petreski, Marjan, University American College Skopje
Pettersson, Helena, Department of culture and media studies, Umea University
Phouxay, Kabmanivanh, Department of Social and Economic Geography, Umeå University, Sweden and National University of Laos
Piemontese, Stefano, Autonomous University of Barcelona Central European University
Pierotte, Lisa Marie, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice University of Maryland
Piquero, Alex R., University of Texas at Dallas
Pojmann, Wendy, History Department, Siena College, New York
Popa, Diana Mariana, University Politehnica of Bucharest
Poulsen, Michael, Department of Human Geography, Macquarie University
Privara, Andrej, University of Economics in Bratislava
Procter, Nicholas G., School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia - City East Campus, North Terrace, Adelaide 5000
Procter, Nicholas G, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia - City East Campus
PROCTER, Nicholas G., School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia
Psoinos, Maria, Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, Kingston University and St George’s University of London
Pugliese, Anita, Gallup, NJ


Qi, Ziwei, Department of Criminal Justice, Fort Hays State University
Quinlan, Robert J., Anthropology Department, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana


Rajan, Irudaya, Centre for Development Studies, Kerala
Ramtohul, Ramola, University of Mauritius
Ratha, Dilip, World Bank
Ratha, Dilip, World Bank, Washington DC
Rauhut, Daniel, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Division of Urban and Regional Studies, Stockholm
Rees, Martha W., Sociology & Anthropology, Agnes Scott College, Decatur
Reid, Lesley W., Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, The University of Alabama
Reilly, Barry, Department of Economics, University of Sussex
Requena, Miguel, UNED
Rheault, Magali, Gallup, NJ
Ribeiro, Joana Sousa, CES - Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Ricucci, Roberta, Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società, Università di Torino
Rievajová, Eva, Department of Public Administration and Regional Development · University of Economics in Bratislava
Rios, Bernardo, Department of Anthropology, the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Roedlach, Alexander, Creighton University
Roman, Monica, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Roman, Monica, Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Romano, Piras, University of Cagliari, Department of Economis and Business Viale S. Ignazio, 17 09123Cagliari(Italy)
Rother, Nina, Federal Office for MIgration and Refugees
Rovetta Cortes, Ana Irene, Università di Padova
Ruhs, Martin, Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford


Saarela, Jan, Åbo Akademi University
Sabar, Galia, Chair of African Studies at Tel Aviv University
Sacchetti, Clara, Frank Iacobucci Centre for Italian Canadian Studies, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada & Lakehead University, Ontario
Salgado Nieto, Uberto, Institute of Economic Research, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Salmenhaara, Perttu, University of Helsinki
SALMENHAARA, PERTTU, Insitute of Migration
Samuk, Sahizer, University of Luxembourg
Samuk Carignani, Sahizer, Postdoctoral researcher at the Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Luxembourg
Sandoz, Laure, University of Basel, Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology
Sandoz, Laure, University of Basel
Sanghera, Gurchathen S, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews
Sarabia, Heidy, California State University, Sacramento
Sarri, Elena, Department of Environmental Studies, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Lesvos
Sørensen, Todd A, University of Nevada, Reno Department of Economics
Schans, Djamila, Research and Documentation Centre (WODC), The Hague
Scheibelhofer, Elisabeth, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna
Scheibelhofer, Elisabeth, the Institute of Sociology at the University of Vienna
Scherschel, Karin, Sociology Institute at Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena
Schlimbach, Tabea, German Youth Institute
Schnell, Philipp, Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Schnell, Philipp, The Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Vienna
Schwarz, Tobias, Global South Studies Center, University of Cologne
Sciortino, Giuseppe, Università di Trento
Sciortino, Giuseppe, Sociology Department, Trento University
Seaman, Brian, Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre, Calgary
Seminario, Romina, Social Sciences Institute, Lausanne University
Sensi, Dina, IRFAM
Sensi, Dina
Sert, Deniz Ş., Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, Özyeğin University
Sever, Barış Can, Middle East Technical University
Shuttleworth, Ian, Department of Archaeology, Geography and Palaeoecology, Queen’s University
Siegel, Melissa, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance (MGSoG), and UNU-MERIT, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Siegel, Melissa, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, Maastricht University & UNU-MERIT
Sievers, Wiebke, The Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Vienna.
Sievers, Wiebke, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Sijapati, Bandita, Social Science Baha, Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility
Sills, Stephen J., Sociology Department, The University of North Carolina Greensboro
SIMSEK, DOGUS, Regent's University London
Singh, Raju Jan, World Bank
Singh, Ruchi, Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research

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