“Faiths and Social cohesion” Establishing social participation with religious differences: local Muslim communities in Europe

Altay Manco, Spyros Amoranitis


The action entitled “Faiths and Social Cohesion” the results
of which are presented in this volume is supported by the
European Commission Directorate- General for Employment
and Social Affairs within the framework of the European
Programme against discrimination and in favour of
fundamental social rights and the civil society (Art 13 of the
treaty of the Union). This is an action for identification, validation and transnational exchanges “good practices” and information against discrimination coordinated by the Institute
for Research, Training and Action on Migrations (IRFAM).
This action is carried out at the transnational level with six
sets of partners hailing from various countries.


Recognition of Islam; European Union; local government; religious discrimination; social cohesion

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