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Acculturation attitudes and urban-related identity of internal migrants in three largest cities of Turkey

Melek Goregenli, Pelin Karakus, Cemil Gokten


This present study explored the acculturation strategies and urban related identity of Turk and Kurd internal migrants moved from different regions of Turkey to Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. In terms of acculturation strategies, assimilation was found to be the most preferred acculturation attitude among Turks whereas separation was found to be most endorsed acculturation attitude among Kurds. Concerning urban-related identity mean scores, Turks reported higher urban-related identity scores than Kurds. Furthermore the internal migrants in Izmir reported higher urban-related identity score than the migrants living in Istanbul and Ankara. The results of the hierarchical multiple regression analysis revealed that gender, length of residence and migration type were the significant predictors of integration preference of Kurds.


Acculturation; urban-related identity; internal migration; internal displacement; ethnic identity

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