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  • Eric M. Trinka The Catholic University of America / James Madison University



International Journal of Religion, international relations, inaugural issue, religion, politics


For this inaugural issue of the International Journal of Religion the editorial team sought to gather an array of papers that demonstrate substantive engagement with the questions of religious dissent as a political endeavor within and beyond religious frameworks. We solicited essays that would probe the following areas of study: historical and contemporary elasticities of religious traditions; internal tensions regarding the boundaries of acceptable belief and practice; the management and ethical treatment of dissent within particular religious traditions; whether religious faiths prescribe clear ways to manage dissent; religious reactions to dissent from feminist and queer activists; and reflections on the broader consequences of dissent in the political sphere. The papers assembled in this first issue have exceeded our expectations.


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Author Biography

Eric M. Trinka, The Catholic University of America / James Madison University

Eric Trinka is a biblical scholar who works at the intersections of the topics of religion and migration in both the ancient and modern world. He can speak broadly on the history of biblical composition, ancient Near Eastern history and religion, the use of the Bible in the modern world, and on a wide range of issues concerning the place of religion in the migrational experience. He earned his B.S. in History and Social Science Education from Eastern Mennonite University, his M.A in Religion from Eastern Mennonite University, and is currently a PhD Candidate in Biblical Studies at the Catholic University of America. 




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