Call for Papers Avar 1.1


Call for Papers

Avar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Life and Society in the Ancient Near East


CFP Close: 6/15/21

Topic: “Deviance in the Ancient Near East”


We are excited to call for submissions for the inaugural issue of Avar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Life and Society in the Ancient Near East. Avar is dedicated to publishing open-access, peer-reviewed scholarship on Anatolia, Egypt, the Levant, and Mesopotamia in the second and first millennia BCE that crosses and disrupts disciplinary boundaries.  

For this special issue, we seek submissions with interdisciplinary approaches that explicitly adopt, adapt, or integrate theories and methodologies from within the traditional fields of ancient Near Eastern studies (i.e., archaeology, Assyriology, biblical studies, Egyptology, Hittitology, etc.), as well as from socio-anthropological and scientific disciplines focused on the topic of deviance. 


We welcome proposals that take interdisciplinary approaches to topics such as:

  • Human differences characterized as deviance (e.g., mental illness, bodily difference, gender nonconformity, paraphilias, etc.)
  • Practices and attitudes towards deviance
  • Methodological approaches to studying deviance/discourses of deviance
  • Deviant deities
  • Religious deviance 
  • How Near Eastern societies distinguish deviance from criminality
  • Accusations of deviance as rhetoric


Avar accepts short notes (2,000-4,000 words) and articles (6,000-12,000 words) in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. 

Submissions will only be accepted through the submission platform. Inquiries can be made to the editors at